• Advil / Ibuprofen+

    Advil / Ibuprofen

    Compare the cost of Advil to our brand of Ibuprofen and see the savings!!!

    ...from $8.99

  • Alka-Seltzer+


    Alka-Seltzer is a antacid and pain relief medicine that provides fast relief for heartburn, acid…

    ...from $15.99

  • Antacids+


    Fast acting, pleasant tasting, chewable cherry-flavored tablet. Relieves acid indigestion,…

    ...from $6.05

  • Back Pain-Off+

    Back Pain-Off

    Back Pain-Off is formulated especially for back and muscle aches and pains. Works excellent for…

    ...from $12.99

  • Cold Relief+

    Cold Relief

    Hardworking relief for your worst colds...all in one dose! Each tablet boasts active ingredients…

    ...from $10.69

  • Cough Drops+

    Cough Drops

    Honey Lemon cough drops with 8.6mg of menthol and oil of eucalyptus

    ...from $5.37

  • Ibuprofen 2 Pill Pk (Compare to Advil)+

    Ibuprofen 2 Pill Pk (Compare to Advil)

    The 2 pack Ibuprofen comes 100/250/1000 tablets to a box, in convenient 2 ibuprofen pills per pack,…

    ...from $8.99

  • Non Aspirin Extra Strength+

    Non Aspirin Extra Strength

    500mg pain reliever for aspirin-sensitive people. Contains no aspirin, sugar or salt.

    ...from $6.49

  • Pain Zapper+

    Pain Zapper

    Relieve your pain with Pain Zapper tablets. Our most popular maximum strength pain reliever tablet,…

    ...from $6.14

  • Pain-off Tablets+

    Pain-off Tablets

    Pain-off tablets are a maximum strength pain reliever for serious pain. Pain-off tablets work fast…

    ...from $6.81

  • Sinus Decongestant+

    Sinus Decongestant

    Use Sinus Decongestant for relief of nasal congestion associated with the common cold, hay fever…

    ...from $10.76

  • Diamode 50/bx

    Diamode 50/bx

    Diamode is anti-diarrheal tablets usually used to relieve symptoms quickly including travelers…

    ...from $15.99

  • Pep-T-Med - 36/box

    Pep-T-Med - 36/box

    Our Pep-T-Med chewable tablets will sooth your upset stomach and calm indigestion. These peptum…

    ...from $6.89

  • Aleve - 50/box

    Aleve - 50/box

    Provides all-day long relief from aches and pains due to arthritis. Also temporarily relieves…

    ...from $25.50

  • Tylenol Extra Strength - 100/box

    Tylenol Extra Strength - 100/box

    500mg Tylenol Extra Strength, 100/box

    ...from $32.75

  • Allergy Relief - 30/box

    Allergy Relief - 30/box

    Non-drowsy antihistamine medication that provides 24 hour relief in a single dose. This tablet…

    ...from $11.72

  • Aspirin - 100/box

    Aspirin - 100/box

    Aspiring - 100/box

    ...from $5.99

  • Cramp Tabs - 100/box

    Cramp Tabs - 100/box

    Asprin-free relief from cramps, bloating, headache and backache associated with PMS and menstrual…

    ...from $7.21