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Our EZ First Aid Mission

• Save you time and money on first aid supplies and drop ship them directly to your door
• Replace costly van delivered first aid services with simple online ordering
• Continue to provide you with high quality, low cost stocked first aid cabinets and products
• Drop Ship Medical First Aid Cabinets and Medical First Aid Supplies

Our first aid products are designed for the office and workspace, in ANSI Standard packaging.  Convenient foil ibuprofen 2 pack tablets of popular brands along with identical formula products in the less expensive American First Aid Kit product lines. We also have fully stocked Medical First Aid Cabinets and provide first aid cabinet refill lists allowing you to easily replace any items that are needed for first aid medical supply cabinets. See our featured blue bandages located in our food service section.

Wall Mounted Stocked First Aid Supply Cabinets

Top Selling First Aid Supplies


First Aid Tablets and Pain Relief

  • Non Aspirin - 100/bx

    Non Aspirin - 100/bx

    Pain reliever for aspirin-sensitive people. Contains no aspirin, sugar or salt. 500mg (Compare to Tylenol Extra Strength)


  • Cold Relief - 100/box

    Cold Relief - 100/box

    Hardworking relief for your worst colds...all in one dose! Each tablet boasts active ingredients that tackle miserable cold symptoms. Sugar/salt free.


  • Tylenol Extra Strength - 100/box

    Tylenol Extra Strength - 100/box

    500mg Tylenol Extra Strength, 100/box


  • Pep-T-Med - 36/box

    Pep-T-Med - 36/box

    Our Pep-T-Med chewable tablets will sooth your upset stomach and calm indigestion. These peptum tablets are much like Pepto-Bismol chewable tablets and work just as well as Pepto-Bismol. Our pep-t-med tablets are a great value and an important part to any first aid kit. Pep-T-Med tablets 36/box (Compare our Pep-T-Med tablets to Pepto-Bismol)


  • Pain Zapper - 100/bx

    Pain Zapper - 100/bx

    Pain Zapper tablets are our most popular maximum strength pain reliever tablet, specially formulated and extremely effective for headache pains, colds, arthritis pain and toothaches. Pain Zappers are Sugar/salt free tablets. Make sure to add Pain Zapper Tablets to all of your first aid kits.

    Compare to Pain Away!

    Buy 3 or more and get an additional discount!

    Also see our larger size of pain zapper tablets!


  • Pain-off Tablets - 200/bx (22847)

    Pain-off Tablets - 200/bx (22847)

    Pain-off tablets are a Maximum strength pain reliever tablet for serious pain and works fast to ease headache pains, muscle pain, cramps, toothaches and arthritis pain. Sugar/salt free tablet. Make sure to add Pain-off Tablets to all of your first aid kits. Compare Pain-off to Excedrin tablets.

    Compare to Pain Away II!

    Buy 3 or more and get an additional discount!

    Also see our smaller size of pain-off tablets!

    While you're here, also check out our supply of bandages and ointment supplies for your first aid kit.


  • Aleve - 50/box

    Aleve - 50/box

    Provides all-day long relief from aches and pains due to arthritis. Also temporarily relieves muscular aches, backache, menstrual cramps, common cold, headache and toothache. Aleve contains 220mg of Naproxen Sodium. 50/box


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